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Most grants do not have to be paid back.

On the results page use the occupation and other filters, at the top of the page.

Do a separate search for your partner, ex-partner or the person who needs help.

If you are looking for a grant for a child or young person, do a search using their details.

For debt issues look at our help with debt section of the website

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Local funds help people in a certain area. Adding your postcode makes sure that only charities covering your area are included. National funds will also appear.


We ask about gender so you can find charitable funds that help only women, or only men. If these do not apply to you, please select 'prefer not to say'. Some funds give grants based on legal gender, while others give according to gender identity. Contact the funds directly for more information.


We ask about gender so that we can show charitable funds that help only women, or only men. As you have selected ‘prefer not to say’ we will just show you funds that help people of any gender.


Some charities give grants to people of a certain age - for example, over 60. Including your age makes sure only appropriate age-specific charities are shown.


You can use the categories, such as 'occupation' or 'health', on the next page to get more results.