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Before we can display grants that are specific to your search, we need to collect a few more pieces of information from you.

You can get help based on where you are, your age, gender, jobs you’ve had, your nationality and if you have health challenges. Some funds help based on the situation of your family, partners and ex-partners.

Do a search for yourself and a separate one for your partner, ex-partner and/or the person you are caring for.

Need more information about grants? See Grants - what you need to know.

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Local funds help people in a certain area. Adding your postcode makes sure that only charities covering your area are included. National funds will also appear.


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Some charities give grants to people of a certain age - for example, over 60. Including your age makes sure only appropriate age-specific charities are shown.


You can use the categories, such as 'occupation' or 'health', on the next page to get more results.