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Grants are available to students aged 18 and over who are studying, or intend to study, at a university in the UK. Applications are welcome from UK and EU citizens and citizens from other countries. 

There is a preference for:

  • first degree or diploma students of Religious Education or Home Economics, including food and nutrition education, and public health promotion
  • Teachers or students who want to gain a teaching qualification
  • students of relevant disciplines studying at Middlesex University
  • applicants with a church connection, or applicants who can supply a reference from a priest or minister of religion
  • students on a programme of study carrying a diploma in Home Economics or a related area (see above) who want a career in the public sector (other than the NHS)

Last updated on 15 August 2019

Who is eligible?

Higher education students who are over the age of 18.There is a preference for :

  • teachers or students who want to gain a teaching qualification
  • first degree or diploma students on a Religious Studies or Home Economics course
  • applicants with a church connection

What we can't give grants for:

  • You are under 18 years old when the programme of study begins
  • You hope to study for or pursue a career in business/management or related subject areas, eg economics; engineering, law, medicine, nursing, the performing arts or related subject areas eg the media, creative writing; social/welfare work or as a therapist or counsellor (other than in a school-centred environment), or in commercial IT, private sector catering or 'hospitality'
  • You need funds to train for ordination
  • Sabbaticals
  • You have sufficient funds to continue studying
  • You intend to study at a university outside the UK

How to apply?

Send an initial enquiry to the trust, available on the website: If you are eligible, the trust will send you an application form.

The deadline for applications is once a year, in Spring. Visit the website to find out when the next deadline is.

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