Angus Educational Trust

Angus Educational Trust has a limited amount of money to:

  • Help residents of Angus whose access to higher education courses might otherwise be prevented for financial reasons

  • Help existing students, who are resident in, or have a home address in the Angus Council area, who are experiencing financial difficulties.


Last updated on 11 March 2018

Who is eligible?

Applicants should have been offered a place on, or be attending, any full-time or part-time undergraduate courses at university.

Applicants should be resident in, or have a home address in the area covered by Angus Council.

Please note:

  • The number and value of the awards made will be limited by the funding available. Generally, assistance will be given to students whose personal circumstances are such that they are unable to meet reasonable student costs from the resources available to them. This will usually mean that their household incomes are low or that their household costs are usually high.
  • All awards made under this scheme are for term-time purposes only

  • Awards will not be made as a substitute for parental contribution where this has been assessed by  the  organisation  making  grants/bursaries  available  to  students,  or  instead of  any  other

  • benefit to which a student may be entitled to from another source

  • The  Trust  reserves  the  right  to  obtain  proof  of  the  applicant’s  satisfactory  attendance  and academic progress from the establishment attended

  • Students must enclose  a copy  of the  letter  from  the  awarding  authority,  allocating  or  rejecting their grant/bursary application

  • Any  student  entitled  to  apply  for  a  loan  under  the  Student  Loans  Scheme  must  have  taken  up this option before an application to this Trust will be considered.


How to apply?

The Board of Governors meets twice a year - March and September.  Therefore a delay of 3-4 months before a decision can be made is not uncommon.

Application forms and further information can be obtained from the Administrator at the contact details below.  You can also download the application form from the Angus Council website.

Contact details

The Administrator, Angus Educational Trust,
Schools and Learning, Angus House
Orchardbank Business Park, Forfar
Angus, Scotland