Architects’ Benevolent Society

The Architects Benevolent Society is dedicated to helping current or former architects, assistants, technologists, technicians, landscape architects - and their families – in times of need.

We help people of all ages who have experienced illness, accident, redundancy, unemployment, bereavement or other personal difficulties. Our support ranges from confidential advice to financial assistance. Emergency grants can also be given if necessary.

Last updated on 16 July 2019

Who is eligible?

People engaged or formerly engaged in the practice of architecture, and their dependants. This includes (but is not limited to) architects, assistants, technicians and technologists and landscape architects.

Please note: we cannot give grants for tuition and other university course fees.

How to apply?

Applications are considered all year round. Individuals can apply directly by on the Architects Benevolent Society's website or request an application via phone, email or letter.

Other information

Absnet also offers advice and support on benefits, health, disability and social care, mental health, bereavement and Housing.

Absnet has a partnership with Anxiety UK to provide mental health support, through helpline and email support, wellbeing assessment, counselling.

Visit the Architects Benevolent Society's website for more information.

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Architects Benevolent Society
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