Blind Veterans UK (formerly St Dunstan’s)

Blind Veterans UK (formerly St Dunstan’s) are here to help anyone who has served in the Armed Forces, or who has done National Service, and who is now living with significant sight loss.

Last updated on 11 March 2018

Who is eligible?

1) Military service - They need to have served in either:

  • The UK regular Armed Forces, including the UK reserve Armed Forces or National Service.
  • As a reservist, they need to have either:
  • completed at least one year's satisfactory service after training (qualified for bounty) or less time if blinded on duty
  • served during WW2 in the Merchant Navy, or in Polish/Indian forces under British command.

2) Sight loss criteria

To meet our ophthalmic criteria an applicant needs to present with visual acuities in both eyes which are equal to (or worse than) 6/60 or counting fingers.

Regrettably, there are not currently services in place to support new veterans with dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease and related conditions.  This policy is currently under review so you are welcome to check back in the future. If a veteran develops dementia while already receiving our support, we will continue to offer services as needed. 

How to apply?

How to apply:

  1. Call us free on 0800 389 7979, or download an application form from the website:
  2. Send us the completed application form
  3. Once we have the form, we will contact the service records office and your eye specialist
  4. We may ask the applicant to visit our ophthalmic clinic in London. If travelling is difficult, we can make alternative arrangements

Once you have become a beneficiary, one of our regional welfare officers will visit you at home. They will discuss your needs, give you advice and may suggest a visit to one of our centres in Brighton or Llandudno.

Other information

Blind Veterans also supports blind veterans and carers emotional and practical support:

  • opportunities for carers to attend social events, carer sessions and meet other carers who are in the same boat
  • two nursing wings at their Brighton centre, with a total of 18 beds.
  • two rehabilitation and training centres for recreation, training and rehabilitation for blind veterans and their families.
  • art and craft activities
  • sports and activities clubs

Contact details

12-14 Harcourt Street
Telephone: 0800 389 7979