Borders Children's Charity

Borders Children's Charity gives grants to children aged up to the age of 18, who live in the Scottish Borders region, who need financial assistance with essential items.

You can apply for help with paying for:

  • Beds, bedding, bedroom furniture and floor rugs
  • Special equipment and funding disability needs or special needs
  • Clothing and footwear
  • Holidays for young carers
  • Activities such as hobbies, sporting hobbies and school trips.

Grants are not given for:

  • Medical treatment
  • General household fixtures and fittings and repairs
  • Payment of debts, rent or to relieve a statutory body of its duties and responsibilities
  • Items already purchased
  • White goods and other electrical appliances.

Last updated on 1 November 2019

Who is eligible?

Children up to the age of 18 who live in the Scottish Borders and are struggling financially, are in distress or are in chaotic circumstances. 

This includes children:

  • Children suffering from mental, physical or sensory disabilities.
  •  Children suffering from behavioural and psychological disorders.
  • Children deprived of normal lives because of family circumstances.
  • Children living in areas of deprivation or stress, who are deprived of amenities generally available to other children of a similar age group
  • Children who are carers in the home.

How to apply?

The Charity asks that a professional who is working with the child should apply on their behalf. The professional might be a health or social care professional, a teacher, a carers' organisation or Citizens' Advice. 

The Committee meet on the last Wednesday of each month to consider applications. If an application is urgent, the charity may consider it between meetings to ensure the child receives funding in a few days. 

Please download an application form from the Borders Children's Charity website and send the completed form by post or email. 

If the application is successful, the charity will give the grant to the professional to provide it to the child or family. 

The charity replies to all enquiries, whether or not they are successful.

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