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Please note that we DO NOT accept direct applications from families or young people. Applications MUST be made by frontline professional support workers.

We provide grants for children aged 18 or under living with parents or carers, or young people aged 20 or under who are living independently and are estranged or orphaned.

Our grants are designed for those dealing with the impact of a variety of issues ranging from, but not limited to: kinship care arrangements, domestic abuse, estrangement, physical and mental ill health, and substance abuse.

We can assist with items or activities to help with emotional, social or educational needs. Examples include:

  • Toys
  • Sports and leisure activities
  • Counselling
  • Clothing
  • Additional educational support and equipment
  • Furniture and 
  • One off travel costs.  

We can also help with essential household items. However, these should be supplemental to the child's emotional, social or educational needs and not the main purpose of the grant.

What we cannot help with:

  • Legal fees

  • Housing costs

  • Debt

  • Medical treatment

  • Situations, items or activities where there is a statutory responsibility to provide the support
  • Funding that would create long-term dependency or an unsustainable situation for the child or young person

For more information please see the Buttle UK website.

Last updated on 28 July 2022

Who is eligible?

To be eligible, children and young people must meet ALL criteria:

  • Be aged 18 and under, if living with parent/carer, OR 20 and under if living independently, with little or no support from their family
  • Be living on a low income and experiencing financial hardship
  • Must have experienced a crisis that has recently had a significant and enduring impact on all three of the following:
    • their social wellbeing
    • their emotional wellbeing
    • and their educational engagement
  • The family or young person has recently taken action to improve their situation, are actively engaging with support and are moving on from the crisis.

We are unable to help:

  • Children and young people where poverty is the only factor
  • Where family separation is the only factor
  • Looked After Children living in foster or residential care
  • Children and young people who continue to be in crisis and at serious risk
  • Children and young people living or normally residing outside of the UK
  • Where the main reason is disability or ongoing serious illness of a child. Please see other funders such as Family Fund Disability Grants.

How to apply?

We ONLY accept online applications made by a professional working with the family, child or young person. Buttle UK DOES NOT accept applications from families or young people.

Applications must show that the support worker has assessed the children or young people's needs. The support worker and their organisation should also be able to administer and supervise the grant on our behalf. Support workers can register and apply online on the Buttle UK website.

Other information

Buttle UK also provides support towards boarding school bursaries for a small number of children (c. 10) each year.  For more information about our boarding eligibility criteria please visit https://buttleuk.org/apply-for-a-grant/support-for-boarding/


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