Clapham Relief Fund

One-off and occasionally recurrent grants for people in need who live in Clapham. The area of benefit covers the local authority wards of Larkhall, Clapham Town, Ferndale, Clapham Common, Brixton Hill, and Thornton. See the map on the Clapham Relief Fund's website to see if you live in the area of benefit.

Grants tend to be between £100 and £300. The charity has given grants for:

  • Furniture, white goods, bedding and clothes
  • Housing insulation and repair costs, and adaptations for people with disabilities
  • Tuition fees, training, books, tools and exam costs

Last updated on 11 June 2019

Who is eligible?

People in need who live in Clapham. Visit the Clapham Relief Fund website to find out if you live in the area the charity works in Clapham Relief Fund website.

The charity does not give grants to pay for debt. The charity will not usually give grants for something which can be available from public sources (e.g. local authority or DWP).


How to apply?

Individuals can download an application form from the Clapham Relief Fund website

Applications are considered four times a year, usually in early March, June, September and December. The charity should receive the application at least five days before the meeting.

You can find out when the next meeting is on the Clapham Relief Fund website

Contact details

Clerk to the Trustees, PO Box 37978
Greater London