Drinks Trust

We provide care and support to people who form the drinks industry workforce, both past and present.

We provide individuals with services across educational, well-being, financial and practical support with the intention of improving the circumstances of those who receive them.

Our grants may be used to cover the following items:

  • Rent/council tax /mortgage
  • Essential transport
  • Short term help with bills
  • Removal costs
  • Nursery fees
  • Decorating costs and repairs
  • Funeral costs
  • Disability aids
  • Education costs for minors
  • Medical care
  • Clothing/food / general
  • Family and caregiver respite
  • Essential White goods and appliances

Last updated on 21 April 2021

Who is eligible?

In other to be eligible, you must fall under the following criteria

  • You must be a UK Resident with a UK Bank Account and
  • You must currently work or have worked in the drinks industry in UK (including beer/wine/spirits/cider/no&low/any drink part of the adult drinking repertoire) Or in any organisation in the drinks industry from point of production to point of sale, including education and media (any licensed premises, on-trade, off-trade). 

Please note that The Drinks Trust will NOT cover the cost of the following:

  • Business costs including set up of businesses
  • Private debt including credit cards/loans/finance agreements
  • Vet bills
  • Insurance costs
  • Private medical
  • Non-essential consumables

How to apply?

Applications can be made directly by individual in need or a family member.

To apply, you can use the application form on The Drinks Trust's website or any of the methods below:

  • Helpline: 0800 915 4610
  • Email: helpline@drinkstrust.org.uk
  • Whatsapp “Hi” to 00 353 87 369 0010

Documents Needed

Applicants wishing to apply for financial support or educational grants will be required to provide:

  • Evidence of work in industry
  • Evidence of redundancy/any other information relevant to application
  • Evidence of financial situation

Application Process

  • It currently takes us an average of 10 working days to process grant applications
  • The charity replies to all applicants, whether or not it can help. 

Other information

As well as grants, The Drinks Trust also offers a range of support and services: 

  • Mental Health Support
  • Sleep & Insomnia
  • Mindful Drinking Course
  • Debt Advice
  • Legal advice
  • Mediation support
  • Life and career coaching
  • Financial advice
  • Consumer advice
  • Parenting coaching

Contact details

The Drinks Trust
39-45 Bermondsey Street
Telephone: 0800 915 4610
Email: support@drinkstrust.org.uk
Web: https://www.drinkstrust.org.uk/

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