Edinburgh Fire Fund

Grants for people who live in the City of Edinburgh Council area and are in need because of a fire in their home.

Grants are made to compensate for damage to domestic premises and household items caused by the fire. The Fund may also give grants for psychological support and counselling.

Applications will only be accepted for fires that happened in the City of Edinburgh and happened in the last six months (from date of application).

Last updated on 1 November 2019

Who is eligible?

People who live in the City of Edinburgh Council area who have been affected by fire in their home within the last six months from date of application.

Applicants must be receiving benefits or earning the living wage or less, currently calculated at £7.85 per hour (£14,286 per annum).

We may make grants to replace household items and clothing that are not covered by insurance. We may also make grants for redecoration and counselling.


We will not give grants to pay for structural damage to a home.

We will not give a grant to replace household items if the applicant has appropriate insurance in place. However, we will consider applications for counselling and support.

How to apply?

Individuals in need can apply directly to the charity. However, a third party e.g. social worker, support worker, community nurse etc., should verify the information provided.

You can apply online  using the application form on the Edinburgh and Lothian Trust website www.eltf.org.uk/funds/the-edinburgh-fire-fund/

If you want to find out more information, email Janette Scappaticcio at: Janette.Scappaticcio@eltf.org.uk or telephone 0131 555 9100.

Contact details

Edinburgh & Lothian Trust Fund
525 Ferry Road Edinburgh,
Email: grants@eltf.org.uk
Web: http://www.eltf.org.uk/

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