Education Support

Education Support is the charity dedicated to helping staff in education to be the best that they can be. The charity does this by providing free, confidential support services to serving, former and retired individuals, as well as their dependents.

What we can help with

We understand things break down or need replacing, usually at a time when money is at its tightest.  If you find you are struggling with an unexpected bill, in need of an essential household item, help with work travel costs, car repairs, etc. do please get in touch. 

We cannot promise to help with every cost. However,  if we can't help, we may be able to point you in the right direction.  

As an example, here are some things we have helped in the past:

  • Essential expenses (up to a maximum of £350)
  • Essential household items
  • Moving costs
  • Health improvement aids and adaptations (We will need to see an occupational therapy (OT) report)
  • Housing costs (rental and mortgage)
  • Travel expenses to work
  • Essential household repairs
  • Car repairs 
  • Funeral costs up to £500
  • Bankruptcy and Debt Relief Order (DRO) application fee
  • Council tax costs
  • Utility bills (gas, water and electric).

What we can't help with

We cannot consider grants for any of the following: 

  • Debts – consumer credit/debt repayments, payday loans, overdraft fees 
  • Legal fees and costs of legal representation
  • Payment of fines
  • Car purchases
  • House purchase
  • Private medical treatment
  • Private education
  • Carpets
  • Benefit overpayments. 
  • Underpayment of income tax.

Last updated on 5 February 2021

Who is eligible?

Applicants must be based in the UK, we will only consider applicants whose employment in education was based in a UK school, college or university.

You or your partner must be either currently employed in education or previously employed in education in one of our qualifying roles:

  • Teacher 
  • Teaching Assistant 
  • Deputy/Head Teacher
  • Newly Qualified Teachers (NQT) 
  • Special Educational Needs (SEN)
  • Lecturer
  • Supply Teacher
  • Retired Teacher  
  • Learning Support
  • Professor
  • Academic Administration
  • Academic Manager.

Please note:

  • If you or your partner are currently employed, in education, it must be in one of our qualifying roles for a minimum of one academic year
  • If you are not currently employed in education, you or your partner must have been employed in one of our qualifying roles for a minimum of three consecutive academic years
  • NQT’s only: You must have been employed for a minimum of one academic term e.g. 13 weeks.

Who we can't help

We are not able to consider assistance to applicants who have only worked or are working as lunchtime assistants/mid-day supervisors (formerly known as dinner ladies), caretakers, school cleaners, nursery staff nor anyone doing their Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE). 

If you are not sure we can help

There are over two million people currently working in education who could be eligible to apply for help from Education Support, if you are not sure if we can help please give us a call on 0207 697 2772.  


How to apply?

Please apply online on the Education Support website, submitted directly by the applicant. Support agencies should contact the grants team, prior to making an application. 

Applications take around 2 – 3 weeks to be assessed. Grants are means tested, so financial information is required, alongside other supporting documents. This includes proof of need as well as evidence of work history.

For more information, please read the Education Support Application Guide and Frequently Asked Questions


Other information

Education Support also provides information and advice on a range of topics, such as:

  • Behaviour management
  • Managing workload
  • Relationships at work
  • Wellbeing and managing stress.

Our helpline 

We do appreciate that education staff experience a high level of stress in the course of their personal professional lives. If you would like to discuss your circumstances with a counsellor, please feel free to contact our Helpline on 08000 562 561. Text: 07909 341229.

Contact details

Education Support
40a Drayton Park
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Telephone: 0207 697 2772

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