Elizabeth Finn Fund

The Elizabeth Finn Fund (EFF) provides one-off and recurring grants for people who are British or Irish and have a professional or similar background or connection, and their dependants.

Please read the eligibility section carefully for more details on the eligibility criteria for applying.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible for help from the Elizabeth Finn Fund, you must meet all of the following qualifying rules (eligibility criteria):

  • Have less than £4,000 in savings (€5,000)

  • Be on a low income and in receipt of or have applied for the benefits you are entitled to

  • Have worked in one of our qualifying-occupations-for-help-from-EFF-(PDF-file-size:-240kb) or have a partner/ex-partner who has done so. In most cases, these are positions where the job requires a degree, some level of responsibility or NVQ4 or above. We also help people who have run their own business with employed staff or have earned a living from the arts

  • Have British or Irish nationality or you live in the UK or Ireland for at least half of the year.

Please carefully read the list-of-qualifying-occupations-for-help-from-EFF-(PDF-file-size:-240kb) before you apply for help.

Please note: the Charity will seek documentary evidence that an applicant has worked within a qualifying occupation.

Please note: EFF may be able to help people who do not live in the UK or Republic of Ireland but only if they are British or Irish citizens and meet the other eligibility criteria for help from the charity.

Please note: EFF does not give grants for the following purposes:

  • Educational grants to undergraduate or postgraduate students.

  • Debt repayments

  • Fines

  • Items/services which there is a statutory duty to provide

  • Legal fees

  • Loans

  • Private medical and dental treatment or insurance

  • Private school fees

  • Prescription glasses

  • Business set-up costs

How to apply?

You can make an enquiry by selecting 'enquiry online' below.

Please carefully read the eligibility rules in 'Eligibility' before you apply.

Please note: EFF receives a large number of enquiries which take some time to process. All enquiries do receive a reply, whether we can help or not, but we may take some time (several weeks) to process enquiries and respond.

Contact details

Elizabeth Finn Fund
Hythe House
W6 7NL
Web: https://www.turn2us.org.uk/About-Us/What-we-do/Who-we-help/Elizabeth-Finn-Fund