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EMMS International offers bursaries to assist medical, dental, nursing and therapy students, (e.g. physiotherapy, occupational therapy) who are wishing to undertake an elective in a mission hospital.

Last updated on 30 April 2020

Who is eligible?

Bursaries are available to students for whom the elective is an integral part of a course of study at a University or College in any country in the world.

Bursaries are not awarded solely on the basis of academic merit, but also on the student’s desire to serve healthcare professionals and patients in a low resource setting at a mission hospital. EMMS International do not organise electives on behalf of students or our partners. However, we can provide information on our partners as well as direct you to other networks who will assist you in organising an elective overseas.

How to apply?

Students will complete an SEB Application Form, available for download on the EMMS International website. The form must include the names of two referees and be authenticated by your college or university.

Applications will be assessed twice a year by a selection panel, with a number of bursaries awarded annually. Students should apply in good time for the following deadlines:

    For elective periods from April to September - apply by 31st January
    For elective periods from October to March - apply by 31st July

Students who have received a bursary will ideally contribute to an EMMS International symposium, highlighting healthcare issues in resource-poor settings and encouraging others to serve overseas. It is mandatory for each student to submit written feedback about their elective experience.

See the Student Elective Bursary page on the EMMS website for more information.

We believe that an elective experience with one of our partner hospitals will be both academically and personally rewarding; developing the potential and capacity of both student and host hospital.

Contact details

EMMS International
Norton Park, 57 Albion Road
Email: info@emms.org
Web: http://www.emms.org/

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