Equipment for Independent Living

Equipment for Independent Living helps people, aged 16 and over and living in the UK, who have a long-term illness or disability.

The charity makes one-off grants to help meet the cost of specialist equipment, e.g. wheelchairs, adjustable beds and communication aids, that will assist the person with their mobility, independence or ability to work. 

Last updated on 7 May 2022

Who is eligible?

People over 16 who have a disability, live in the UK, and are in financial need, i.e. the person or family of the person is struggling to meet everyday living costs and cannot afford to purchase or replace the equipment that is required.

What we can’t help with:

  • Anything that is available through statutory sources, such as the NHS and local authorities
  • Adaptations to buildings, including stairlifts
  • White goods
  • Standard furniture or household items
  • Medical treatment
  • Repairs

How to apply?

Please note that a health professional needs to support the application and confirm that the individual needs the equipment they have requested.

Please contact the charity in writing only for more information.

Applications are considered at quarterly meetings.

Please contact a health professional who can confirm that you need the equipment you are asking for.

Contact details

Esther McDonnell, Honorary Secretary
Equipment for Independent Living, 1 Stapleton Court
W3 8FB

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