Equity Charitable Trust

The Equity Charitable Trust offer provision to people who are professional performers who have had an adverse change of circumstances. 

It's not easy asking for money, but often that’s a reality that comes hand in hand with the uncertainties of this volatile profession. ECT offers one-off welfare grants are there to help you stem the shortfall when faced with an unforeseen medical, financial or professional event. 

For more information see The Equity Charitable Trust website

The Trust also offers financial support to professional performers who are considering a change of career.

Last updated on 5 June 2020

Who is eligible?

To apply, you must be a professional performers (past or present Equity members under Equity or ITC contracts) with a minimum of 10 years experience as an adult (work performed below the age of 16 is not counted).

This can include Equity members working as:

  • choreographers
  • dancers in musical theatre
  • fight directors
  • ice skaters
  • mime artistes
  • models
  • presenters
  • street entertainers
  • theatre lighting designers
  • theatre set designers
  • actors in theatre in education
  • walk on/support artistes

Our criteria includes professional actors and other performers. We regret that this excludes musicians, drama students or amateur performers.

Further information can be found on the website: http://www.equitycharitabletrust.org.uk/ or by phone 0207 831 1926.

How to apply?

The fund offer various types of grants including those relating to welfare, education and theatre, and the Trustees convene every two months to consider applications, and you will be notified directly thereafter.

Visit the The Equity Charitable Trust website or contact the Trust for more information on how to apply.

Other information

The fund also offers friendly debt advice or a hand with navigating the benefits system.

They also deliver occasional career development workshops to help our clients 'up their game' and enhance their skill set so that they can earn more money between acting jobs and feel supported in the industry.

Contact details

Plouviez House
19 Hatton Place
Email: kaethe@equitycharitabletrust.org.uk
Web: http://www.equitycharitabletrust.org.uk

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