Essex and Suffolk Water - SupportPLUS (Social tariff)

Essex and Suffolk Water offer a SupportPLUS social tariff to customers on low incomes who pay more than 3% of their income on water bills.

A discount (up to 50%) is provided to successful applications against the water bill based on circumstances.

Last updated on 28 April 2020

Who is eligible?

Customers of Essex and Suffolk Water who are paying more than 3% of their total household income on water bills.

Customers spending more than 3% of income on water bill. - See more at:

How to apply?

Applications should be made directly to Essex and Suffolk Water. All applications will require an independent financial assessment by Stepchange Debt Charity or other independent debt advice agency as part of the application process.

You can use the Money Advice Service debt advice service locator to find local debt advice organisations.

Contact details

Essex and Suffolk Water Customer Centre
PO Box 292
County Durham

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