Float Trust

We provide small grants to people in urgent need. Our grants are usually for essential living costs such as food and utilities, and are a maximum of £30.


Last updated on 6 April 2020

Who is eligible?

Anyone with little or no income, who is at risk of destitution.


  • Furnishings or white goods;
  • Clothing, except underwear;
  • Payment of debts, except rent arrears;
  • Pet expenses;
  • Luxury goods or services;
  • Private medical or education fees;
  • Payment towards something which will cost a lot more than we can give (unless the balance is already secured).


How to apply?

Please go to our website at: https://float.scot/

Other information

Takes on average up to 12 hours to process grant applications

Contact details

The Melting Pot
5 Rose Street
Email: info@float.scot
Web: https://float.scot/

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