Furniture Makers' Charity

Welfare Grants for people who work or have worked in the UK furniture and furnishing industry who are going through financial difficulties.

To be able to apply you should normally have worked in the industry for at least two years.

Last updated on 8 March 2021

Who is eligible?

You can apply if you need financial assistance and:

  • work, or used to work, in the furniture and furnishing industry for at least two years
  • you are the partner or dependent of a deceased employee of the industry

By dependent, we mean someone who is financially or emotionally dependent upon the industry employee.

What grants can be used for

  • Essential household items, such as white goods
  • Essential household bills
  • Funeral expenses
  • Disabled adaptations
  • Property repairs considered essential due to age, security or access
  • Disabled/medical equipment
  • Respite/ convalescent breaks
  • General financial hardship
  • Pre-tenancy costs and removal costs
  • Bankruptcy or Debt Relief Orders
  • Short Term Crisis Support

Grants are not given for:

  • Assistance towards the clearance of consumer credit debt with exception of Bankruptcy fees or Debt Relief Orders (In such cases you will need to talk to appropriate professional debt advice organisation
  • Legal costs
  • Private education fees
  • Replacement of statutory funding
  • Non-essential home improvements
  • Loans of any kind
  • Memorial stones
  • Holidays.

How to apply?

You can apply by downloading an application form from the Furniture Makers' Charity website  or by contacting Robin Lomas, the Furniture Makers' Charity Welfare Officer, by emailing: or by calling: 020 7256 5558.

Documents required

A letter/email from your employer confirming employment dates, employment contract/redundancy letter, payslip/pension advice slip or P45. 

A recent bank statement showing 1 months transactions

Grants process

Applications are accepted directly by the individual in need or a family member.

Grants are given directly to the individual or by giving goods/items.

Applications are looked as soon as they are received.

The time taken to process the application depends on the urgency of the case but is usually less than a month.

The charity replies to all enquiries, whether or not they can help.

Other information

If you leave your email details we can email you an application form.  

Contact details

Furniture Makers' Company
Furniture Makers' Hall, 12 Austin Friars
Telephone: 02075628528

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