Gilbert Murray Trust: International Studies Committee

The international Study Committee of the Gilbert Murray Trust seeks to promote the study of the purposes and work of the United Nations with the help of travel scholarships, support for participation in UN-related short courses, conferences and summer schools, help for small personal research projects involving travel, supporting work with international organisations, and new initiatives in funding research which will at once benefit from and promote international collaboration.

Last updated on 11 March 2018

Who is eligible?

People who are studying, or have studied, international relations (or international law) at an institution of higher education in the UK.

Applicants should be 25 years or younger on 1 April of the year they are applying, although other people can receive grants if they are able to put forward special reasons for their delayed education.

See website for more information:

How to apply?

Application should be by letter supported by the following documents:

  • a brief curriculum vitae, including date of birth
  • a brief statement of career intentions
  • a clear description of the project for which the Award is sought, with a breakdown of costs and the sources of additional funding, if required 
  • an assessment by a person in a position to judge the applicant and his or her suitability for the Award
  • (where relevant) a statement of reasons for delayed education

*Applicants are requested to submit five paper copies of the letter of application and the supporting documentation. 

Contact details

Dr Peter Wilson, Honorary Secretary
International Studies Committee of the Gilbert Murray Trust
Department of International Relations, LSE, Houghton Street
Telephone: 01923 283373