Highland Children’s Trust

Grants for disadvantaged children and young people who are under 25 and are residents of the Highlands.

Last updated on 11 March 2018

Who is eligible?

The governing body will consider applications for financial assistance to or on behalf of any child or young person not exceeding 25 years of age who are either orphans or whose circumstances are such that the trustees think that they should helped by the Highlands Childrens Trust. Preference will always be given to children and young persons who are resident within Highland Council area.

Help available

Grants, loans or allowances may be made available to parents, guardians or directly to young persons over 18 years of age for the following purposes only:

  • To maintain the beneficiary in suitable accommodation while in need of care or while undergoing any form of full-time education

  • For the education of the beneficiary, including his or her further education at such school, training college, university or other educational establishment as the Governors may consider to be appropriate

  • For obtaining suitable employment by the beneficiary, including the payment of any necessary travelling expenses or the cost of temporary accommodation and the cost of entering into, undergoing and completing any training or apprenticeship

  • For setting up the beneficiary in business on his or her own account, subject to such conditions as to the use, application or repayment of any grant, loan or allowance made for this purpose as the Governing body may think fit to impose in the circumstances

  • For finding a suitable home for the beneficiary when no longer in need of care or undergoing full-time education or apprenticeship

  • For providing the beneficiary with a holiday in cases where the beneficiary would not otherwise be able to go on holiday. It should be noted that priority will always be given to the provision of a holiday where the child or young person's health or medical condition indicates that they would benefit from the provision of a holiday.

What we can't help with

No grants, loans or allowances available for any purpose other than those listed above - e.g. they cannot consider any application for such things as:- clothing, footwear, food, furniture, cars or similar items.




How to apply?

An application form is available from the Highland Children's Trust website or from the charity's address. Information about your financial situation will be required.

Benefits can only be made available to individuals - applications from Clubs or other similar organisations cannot be considered.

Grants are made available at the sole discretion of the governors. Availability of funds cannot be guaranteed at all times. Board meetings are infrequent and it can take six to eight weeks to deal with an application after a properly completed form is received.

Contact details

105A Castle Street
Telephone: 01463 243872
Email: info@hctrust.co.uk
Web: http://www.hctrust.co.uk