Lady Gould’s Charity

Lady Gould’s Charity was founded in 1691 by Elizabeth Gould, a resident of Highgate, North London. The charity first came into operation on the death of her husband in 1728, since which time the Trust’s income has been distributed as grants to “inhabitants of the town and village of Highgate” who are in need.

The Charity currently gives grants to individuals who live in the Highgate area of North London (see eligibility for more details) and are in need of financial assistance, for example through mental or physical difficulties, family or household circumstances.

Last updated on 4 May 2018

Who is eligible?

Applicants must live within the area shown on the Lady Gould's Charity street plan and Lady Gould's Charity list of streets. Postcodes within this area include: N2 (part), N6 (whole), N8 (part), N10 (part), N19 (part), NW5 (part).

We are an equal opportunities organisation and do not discriminate against any group or person.

What we don't give grants for

We are not an educational charity and only in exceptional circumstances, at the discretion of the trustees, are grants made for educational or recreational circumstances or for debt relief.

How to apply?

You can download an application form on Lady Gould's Charity website.

You can also ring the office on: 020 7783 3568 to request one.

Fill in the application form as fully as possible and send it to the charity by post, attaching:

  • A supporting statement from Social Services, a recognised professional (such as a GP, nurse, social worker), state or voluntary organisation
  • Quotations for the items or appliances identified as needed.

Grants are usually paid to the referring agency or supplier of the goods and not to the applicant directly.

Enquiries and applications are looked at as soon as an enquiry is submitted.

Applications take up to six weeks to process. We reply to all applicants, whether or not we can help them.


Contact details

Clerk to the Trustees, Lady Gould's Charity,
Bircham Dyson Bell,
50 Broadway
Westminster, London
Telephone: 020 7783 3568