Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity

Roald Dahl's Marvellous Children's Charity helps to make life better for seriously ill children under the age of 25 in the UK. We believe every child has the right to a more marvellous life, no matter how ill they are, or how short their life may be.

Conditions we are able to support

  • Group 1 – Life threatening conditions for which curative treatment may be feasible but can fail. (e.g. epilepsy, irreversible organ failures of heart, liver, kidneys.).
  • Group 2 – Conditions where premature death is inevitable. (e.g. cystic fibrosis).
  • Group 3 – Progressive conditions without curative treatment options. (e.g. Batten disease, mucopolysaccharidoses, muscular dystrophy.).
  • Group 4 – Irreversible but non-progressive conditions causing severe disability leading to susceptibility to health complications and likelihood of premature death. (e.g. sickle cell disease, cerebral palsy, multiple disabilities such as brain or spinal cord insult.).
  • Group 5 – Syndromes without a name (SWAN) causing severe, chronic disability or illness.
  • We are unable to support all forms of cancer, owing to the levels of support for children and young people already, being far higher than those with other conditions.
  • As our fund is small, we are also unable to support applications for children and young people who solely have a developmental disability, learning and/or behavioural difficulties including autism and ADHD.

The average grant amount for successful applications can be anything from £50 up to £1,000. Grants are given for a variety of support such as:

  • Specialist equipment, for example specialist seats and walkers, epilepsy monitors etc
  • Physiotherapy, speech and language therapy, hydrotherapy and counselling, where the provision on the NHS is not sufficient
  • Art, music or play therapy, where there is a clear benefit to the Child/Young Person
  • Attendance at medical/support group conference
  • Everyday items that will improve the Child’s/Young Person’s quality of life e.g. furniture, white goods, and clothing (where this is required because of the Child’s/Young Person’s condition.
  • Travel and accommodation costs whilst a Child/Young Person is in hospital (Please note our maximum grant for travel and accommodation is now £300). 
  • iPads/laptops where there is clear evidence that it will be of educational and/or developmental benefit to the Child/Young Person.
  • Specific social activities, lessons and membership, where there is a clear benefit to the Child/Young Person.

Last updated on 19 September 2019

Who is eligible?

Grants are available for children under the age of 25 who has a serious illness and meets the following criteria:

  • The child is eligible to receive Medium or High Rate DLA (the Care component) or the Enhanced Rate for 6 of the 12 activities in the PIP or has an equivalent level of need
  • The family are living in financial hardship
  • The family has not received a grant for this child from the Marvellous Family Grants in the last 12 months

What we can't help with

  • Families where the child has cancer or learning or behavioural difficulties and no other illness
  • Holidays or day trips
  • Property adaptations, deposits for vehicles, garden works or sheds/storage
  • Utility bills
  • Respite care
  • Driving lessons
  • Any items or support which have already been paid for
  • Anything which a statutory agency (such as local authorities or health services) has a responsibility to provide the item/service required (unless there is clear evidence the statutory provision is not sufficient)

Visit the Roald Dahl Charity website for more information.

How to apply?

We only accept applications for children, young people and their families through the following individuals, who are known as Applicant Officers;

  • Healthcare professionals (such as Doctors, Nurses, Health Visitors, Physiotherapists)
  • Social or Family Support Workers who work for statutory organisations (not those who are employed by a charity).

A charitable organisation is welcome to support an application, but they cannot make one themselves and would need a Healthcare professional or social/family support worker to contact us for the form and be happy to submit a full application on behalf of the child/young person/family.

To request an application form the appropriate Applicant Officer should contact Please mention you found our details through the Turn2us website.

Please ask a healthcare professional or support worker who knows the individual professionally to apply on their behalf. 

Contact details

Roald Dahl's Marvellous Children's Charity
Montague House, 23 Woodside Road
Telephone: 01494890465

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