Sears Group Trust

Helps employees and former employees, of any company that is or has been associated with Sears Ltd, as well as their families and dependants. To be able to apply you must also be struggling with money through age, illness, disability or other reasons. Applicants must live in the UK or Republic of Ireland.

Grants may be given for a variety of items, goods and services, such as:

  • Special aids and equipment to enable people to remain in their own homes, such as stair lifts
  • Help meet nursing and hospital fees
  • Help pay for social activities and day centre trips

Last updated on 13 January 2020

Who is eligible?

People who are in financial need because of age, illness or another reason and are:

  • A current employee of a subsidiary company of Sears PLC 
  • A former employee of a company that was a subsidiary of Sears PLC during the time of employment
  • A dependent of a current or former employee

Applicants must live in the UK or Republic of Ireland. 

How to apply?

Applications are considered all year round. Apply in writing, by email or by telephone to:

There is no application form. Any request for a grant would be based on a recommendation by one of the Sears Group Trust's Welfare Visitors following a financial assessment, usually made during a personal visit to the applicant's home.

Contact details

The Trust Partnership Ltd
6 Trull Farm Buildings

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