St George the Martyr Charity

St George the Martyr Charity helps people aged 55 or over, who are on a low income and have relatively little savings.

The charity provides grants for items or services that may improve a person's quality of life.

Applicants must live within or very near the boundaries of the former (pre-1965) Metropolitan Borough of Southwark. This is broadly The Borough, Bankside, Walworth and Newington (there is a map on the Charity's website). 'Very near' means e.g. on the other side of the road that the boundary runs down the middle of, or within a block of dwellings that straddles the boundary.

Other services

People who live in the area of benefit, meet the Charity's financial eligibility criteria and who are of State Pension age can become members of the charity and enjoy free holidays, day trips and theatre trips as well at home hairdressing and chiropody.

The charity also helps local not-for-profit organisations working with people who are in 'hardship, need or distress' in its area of benefit.


Last updated on 25 January 2021

Who is eligible?

People  who are

Please note: The charity does not give grants to pay off debts, or for anything that is available from central government or Southwark Council.

How to apply?

Individuals or referral agencies can apply by e-mailing the St George the Martyr Charity at the addres below.

If a person is eligible for a grant, our visitor will come and see them to obtain more information and assess their requirements. Depending on the amount, she will organise the purchase and delivery of the items required or obtain the trustees' consent to do so.

Depending on the amount of grant needed, processing time for a grant to an individual takes about two to three weeks. Grants applications are considered all year around.

The charity replies to all enquiries, even where it is unable to help.

Contact details

The Clerk to the Trustees, St George the Martyr Charity
66 Newcomen Street
Greater London

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