St Marylebone Educational Foundation

Educational grants for individuals who have lived or attended school in the City of Westminster, for at least two years.

Grants are available to promote the Education of young people under the age of 25 by awarding bursaries, providing financial assistance for outfits, clothing, tools, instruments or books to assist such persons to pursue their education, including the study of music and the other arts.

Tertiary (University or education after A' Level's) Grants are not awarded.

Grants are also available to Westminster based schools and organisations for capital funding for various projects.

Last updated on 12 May 2022

Who is eligible?

What we can't help with

The Foundation can only support secondary school students. It doesn't give grants for higher education.

If you have not lived or attended school in the City of Westminster for at least two years. If you are over the age of 25 or will be when the grant commences. 

Royal Academy and Royal College of Music - Please apply to your college scholarship officers not directly to the Foundation

How to apply?

Email the charity, stating your age and explaining why you think you are eligible and what you would like to apply for. You can also write to the Foundation on the address below. 

You can apply all year round. However, applications are considered at meetings in March, June and October. You may need to wait several months to find out if your application is successful.

Applicants usually receive a home visit, deadlines for individual applications are as follows;

Deadline for the March Meeting is March 2nd (after the secondary school places are announced on 1st March)

Deadline for the June Meeting is April 30th

Deadline for the October Meeting is August 31st  

Other information

The Foundation also gives grants to schools and organisations that live within the City of Westminster. The school or organisation must be assisting people that live or attend school in the area. 

The Foundation is unable to help with funding for running costs.

The Foundation may be able to offer help with partial funding for the following:

  • Capital expenditure for improvement of the buildings or infrastructure
  • Enrichment of education through music or other arts
  • Alleviation of issues experienced by those with special educational needs

The Foundation has a limited income, and it would depend upon the number of eligible applicants in any financial year and the purpose of the bid whether the Foundation would be able to consider bids up to £10,000.

The Trustees ask that you submit a bid no longer than 2 sides of A4 detailing where and how the funds would be spent and what effect the funded changes would have on the children they are destined for and why. 

Submission deadlines for Organisations

The Trustees meet 3 times a year, March, June and October. 

Deadline for the March Meeting is February 1st

Deadline for the June Meeting is April 30th

Deadline for the October Meeting is August 31st  

Contact details

St Marylebone Educational Foundation,
12 Melcombe Place

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