Streynsham’s Trust

One off grants for people in need who live in the ecclesiastical parish of St Dunstan's with Holy Cross, Canturbury for essential items.

Educational grants are also available for people normally resident in the parish. 

Please check your ecclesiastical parish using the postcode search on A Church near you's website

Last updated on 12 June 2019

Who is eligible?

People who live in the ecclesiastical Parish of St Dunstans, Canterbury. Please check your parish at A Church near you's website

In very exceptional circumstances the charity may award grants to people whose road immediately adjoins St Dunstan's parish only.

Who we can't help

  • Students who only live in the parish for their studies, and do not have a permanent family address in the parish
  • Anyone who is looking for help with the cost of postgraduate studies
  • Anyone who doesn't live in the ecclesiastical Parish of St Dunstans, Canterbury

How to apply?

Write to the charity, explaining what you need, the cost of the request and explanation/background of circumstances of financial need. The charity is happy to provide application advice over the telephone. Applications should be made directly by the individual.

Applications are usually considered in March, May, September and November but can be made at any time.

Your application should include a stamped addressed envelope, landline and mobile phone numbers, and email address.

Contact details

Clerk To The Trustees, PO Box 970
Telephone: 03450944769