TASC - The Ambulance Services Charity

TASC gives support to working and retired members of The Ambulance Services community and provides four types of support:

  • Rehabilitation (Psychological rehabilitation and counselling, TASC Stress and PTSD Programme, Physical rehabilitation),
  • grants and debt advice
  • welfare support
  • and other support and bereavement support.

Applicants must be a UK resident, have worked for the ambulance service or independent service registered with CQC for at least 12 months or be a student paramedic. Applicants must have less than £4,000 in savings.

Last updated on 26 July 2019

Who is eligible?

Working and retired members of all ambulance services in the UK and their dependents, who are facing hardship following illness, crisis, bereavement or difficulties.

Applicants must be UK residents and have worked for at least 12 months with an ambulance service or independent service registered with CQC; and less than £4,000 in savings.

TASC also provides grants to student paramedics on a recognised course facing exceptional financial circumstances.

Unfortunately we can't offer financial or legal advice.

How to apply?

Telephone TASC office to find out if you are eligible: 0800 1032 999

If you are eligible you can then fill in the Support Enquiry form on the TASC website

Other information

TASC also offers:

  • A PTSD programme and referrals for private counselling
  • support to bereaved families of ambulance staff who have died in service or those who have stopped working because of terminal illness
  • debt advice in some situations.


Contact details

12 Ensign Business Centre
Westwood Way
West Midlands
Email: enquiries@theasc.org.uk
Web: http://www.theasc.org.uk/

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