Team Verrico

Team Verrico is a small volunteer charity committed to improving the prospects of families with a cancer diagnosis who have children under the age of 18 years. In particular rare and or hard-to-treat cancers, e.g. triple negative breast cancer.

The charity aims to assist people with a terminal diagnosis and their families; fund research into cancer; and to publicise the symptoms and treatment options of certain hard-to-treat cancers with a view to improving detection rates.

It also provides funding to enable people with cancer to access second opinions. The charity supports consultations, specific tests and scans. Team Verrico provides a confidential counselling service to families as well as practical support and living aids for families with children under the age of 18 years who have rare or hard-to-treat cancers.

Last updated on 12 November 2019

Who is eligible?

The application must be relevant to a case where a ‘parent’ has children under the age of 18 and there is a cancer diagnosis within the family. In particular rare and or hard-to-treat cancers, e.g. triple negative breast cancer.

We do not discriminate on any ground as to the make up of the family unit; we appreciate that parentage can go beyond biological boundaries. Step parents and adoptive parents are very welcome to apply.

Grants are provided to help with consultations, tests, scans, counselling, living aids.

Grants are not paid directly to individuals. They are paid to the consultant, hospital, clinic, counsellor.

How to apply?

Contact the charity via its Facebook page - - for more information.

Other information

Team Verrico also provides confidential counselling services; support including advice on treatment options; benefits and employment rights; practical support and living aids (such as light weight mobility scooters) for people with hard-to-treat cancers. Team Verrico also provides bursaries to academics researching hard-to-treat cancers.

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Team Verrico
PO Box 1509

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