The Braintree United Charities

Braintree United Charities helps organisations and people in Braintree, within a very specific geographical area, by providing modest grants.

Last updated on 10 August 2018

Who is eligible?

You must be resident in the permitted ‘area of benefit’ which does not include the whole of Braintree District, or even the whole of Braintree, but only the southern half of the town. Historically, this is the area within the Parishes of St Michael’s and St Paul’s Braintree.

Because of our modest size and local focus, we are unlikely to be able to respond to requests for contributions to major projects, or ones which have only an incidental connection with Braintree.

For more information see the website

How to apply?

Trustees normally meet twice a year to consider applications, but urgent requests can be dealt with at other times. Applications may be made by individuals. Please give full details, including:

• Your geographical location

• How the grant will be used
• Description of persons who will benefit, and how many
• Amount sought from BUC
• Total cost of project

Individual applicants will also be requested to complete a statement of means.

Applications by email can be sent to:

Postal applications should be addressed to:

The Secretary
Braintree United Charities
12 Medley Road
Essex CM77 6TQ

Or apply online via the website: 

Contact details

12 Medley Road
CM77 6TQ

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