The Chemical Engineers' Benevolent Fund

The Chemical Engineers Benevolent Fund was set up by members of the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) in 1934 to offer friendly support to all chemical engineers and their dependents in times of hardship and distress.

Applications are welcomed from anywhere in the world and are not dependant upon membership of any particular professional institution.

Grants are given for a variety of purposes and depends on each individual case.


Last updated on 17 January 2019

Who is eligible?

Chemical engineers and their dependants who are in need. Applications are welcomed from anywhere in the world and are not dependant upon membership of any particular professional institution.

Chemical engineers

The simplest way of proving you meet the eligibility criteria is to demonstrate membership of a relevant professional institution at a recognised grade or the submission of a recognised chemical engineering degree certificate.  Alternatively, references from a recognised employer or academic institution can be submitted.
Please note that eligibility does not necessarily prescribe that the chemical engineer need hold a pre-determined qualification if it can be demonstrated that they have practised for a significant period in a chemical engineering role.


Where an application is made by a dependent, evidence will be required to prove that the individual on whom the application is based is or was a chemical engineer using the criteria noted above.

Dependents are defined as close relatives of the chemical engineer named in the application who have been financially dependent on them.

Who the charity can't help

  • Undergraduate students
  • Postgraduate students looking for support with living expenses or tuition fees
  • People who can't prove they have worked as a chemical engineer or that they are committed to the profession.

How to apply?

Applications should ideally be made by the individual in need or a family member.

Please apply using the form on the Chemical Engineers Benevolent Fund website. This form can also be downloaded, filled in and sent in the post.

You can also request an application form by emailing:

Please read the Chemical Engineers Benevolent Fund's application advice before filling in the form.

Application process

Once an enquiry has been submitted, a response will be given within five working days.

Applications can take longer to process if the Board of Trustees require more information.

The charity replies to all enquiries, whether or not it can help.

Grants are given directly to the individual who needs support.

Contact details

Chemical Engineers Benevolent Fund
165–189 Railway Terrace
CV21 3HQ

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