The Ealing Aid-in-Sickness Trust

The Ealing Aid-in-Sickness Trust (EAIS) provides grants for people in need, who are resident in Hanwell W7 and are experiencing situations of hardship and distress.

EAIS offer three different grants.

  • The Eleemosynary Charity of William Hobbayne;
  • The Ealing Aid in Sickness Trust; and
  • The Educational Foundation of William Hobbayne.

For more information you can visit The William Hobbay Charity's website

Last updated on 16 July 2019

Who is eligible?

To be able to apply, you need to live within the W7 postcode area in Hanwell and be in financial need and experiencing hardship or distress. 

How to apply?

Individuals and families should not apply directly. Instead, a sponsor should apply on the person's behalf. A sponsor might be a social worker, member of the clergy, school teachers or administrators, or medical practitioners.

Email or phone the charity to ask for an application form.

If your application is successful the grant will be paid to the sponsor, who will then use it for the person needing assistance.

Contact details

c/o William Hobbayne Community Centre
St. Dunstans Road
W7 2HB

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