The Hackney Parochial Charities

Hackney Parochial Charities has three charities that aim to relieve poverty in Hackney (the former metropolitan borough of Hackney prior to 1970) by giving grants to individuals who live in Hackney or for projects that are based in Hackney or that will benefit people in the borough.

The three charities are:

Before making an enquiry, please check the Hackney Parochial Charities location map to check if you are eligible:

Last updated on 16 July 2019

Who is eligible?

People in need who live in Hackney. Before making an enquiry, please check the Hackney Parochial Charities location map to check if you are eligible:

You need to apply for items that meet the charities' eligibility criteria (see exclusions below)

What we can't help with

  • Any type of debts
  • Family holidays
  • Student fees, such as those for higher education or professional training courses
  • On-going daily living costs, including statutory charges, rent, rates, gas, electricity, water or telephone charges.

Please note: Grants are given at the discretion of the Trustees. Even if you meet the eligibility criteria and submit an application form, there is still the possibility that your application could be unsuccessful.

How to apply?

There are two stages to the enquiry/application process:

At the Turn2us stage, you are at the enquiry stage.  If your enquiry is accepted by the charities, you or your supporting third party (such as a social worker, health or social care professional, Citizens Advice worker etc) then has to apply the charities' online application forms on the Hackney Parochial Charities website in order to progress the enquiry to an application.

Applications can take anything from 4-12 weeks - depending on which of the three charities that the Hackney Parochial Charities manage has been applied to and when the next Trustees meeting is after you have submitted your application.

Grants for individuals are considered by Trustee on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.


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