The Hesslewood Children’s Trust (Hull Seamen’s & General Orphanage) (Welfare)

Grants for children and young people under the age of 25 who live in, or whose parents live in, either the former county of Humberside or in the district of Gainsborough or Caistor.

The Trust usually gives grants for essential items, but sometimes offers educational grants.


Last updated on 3 May 2018

Who is eligible?

People unless than 25 years old who are in need and live in, or has a parent who lives in the former county of Humberside or the district of Gainsborough or Caistor.

How to apply?

Contact the Trust giving details of your connection to the area and what you need assistance with.

Contact details

Hesslewood Children's Trust
62 The Meadows
Cherry Burton
East Yorkshire
HU17 7RQ
Telephone: 01964550882