The Horticultural Trades Association Benevolent Fund

We help HTA members including retailers, growers and landscapers who are facing hardship by providing modest grants and financial assistance.

Last updated on 30 October 2019

Who is eligible?

If you are, or have been, an HTA member or employed by an HTA member business and find yourself in need because of any of these situations:

  • Health concerns  – For example health may suffer after an accident that prevents the ability to work and leads to financial hardship. Or, treatment may be required due to an illness which means it isn’t possible to work anymore and it is a challenge to make ends meet.
  • Disability – For example a physical impairment may affect mobility and the ability to work in a physically demanding job and lead to financial hardship. Or, a life changing accident that results in loss of income may require investment in new accommodation or equipment to aid a changed lifestyle.
  • Old age – For example limitations caused by old age such as mobility, ill health may lead to lack of independence requiring support to get out and about. Or, retirement and low pension may make it hard to keep up with home restoration and bills, greatly affecting standard of living and wellbeing.
  • Domestic issues – For example the breakdown of relationships or damage to/loss of the home may affect the ability to work and lead to financial hardship. Or, a dependant may be in need of care that cannot be afforded or that now needs to be provided personally by leaving work.
  • Bereavement – For example the death of a person in the family may impact on family living costs such as household bills, educational fees or unexpected charges that suddenly can’t be paid. Or, the running of a family business may be impacted and lead to difficulty in managing everyday dealings and supplier costs.
  • Financial hardship – For example bad weather such as flooding may damage equipment and lead to debt problems or make supplier costs and bills hard to manage. Or, depression may come as a result of difficult personal experience that make it hard to cope with working life.

Please see the HTA Benevolent Fund's website for more details.

How to apply?

Please contact the Fund directly for further information or to request a application form.

Please see the HTA Benevolent Fund's website for more details.

Contact details

The Administrator, HTA Benevolent Fund Horticulture House
OX11 0RN

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