The Nottingham General Dispensary

The Nottingham General Dispensary is a medical Charity that gives grants to individuals living in the City and County of Nottinghamshire who are sick, recovering from an illness or injury or disabled. The charity provides or contributes towards the cost of items, services or facilities which will alleviate suffering or help the recovery.

Last updated on 11 March 2018

Who is eligible?

People who are in poor health, convalescent or who have disabilities and live in the county of Nottinghamshire. Grants are only for items, services or facilities which are not available the NHS or local authorities.

How to apply?

Individuals can apply directly AND intermediaries can apply on behalf of individuals. Applications made by/on behalf of individuals should be made using an application form. Please note that applications must be supported by medical evidence (such as a letter from a GP, consultant, therapist etc) confirming that the item is required due to the applicant’s medical condition.

Please email for an application form or print one from the website:

Contact details

Freeths LLP
80 Mount Street
Telephone: 0115 901 5562