The Nuclear Industry Benevolent Fund (formerly UBA Benevolent Fund)

The Nuclear Industry Benevolent Fund provides grants for those working or who have worked in the UK Nuclear Industry through the provision of support, signposting and financial assistance.

The needs of our clients generally relate to financial hardship, debts, disability, sickness, old age and changes in family circumstances.

See the website for more information.

Last updated on 16 July 2019

Who is eligible?

Must currently work or who have worked in the UK Nuclear Industry. This includes past and present employees of UKAEA, BNFL and Amersham International or successor companies. The charity can also help their dependents.

Grants are given according to applicant's needs. They might be one-off grants for large essential items or regular assistance to help with day to day needs. Applicants can live anywhere provided they fit the occupational eligibility criteria.

Although the Fund would always consider circumstances on a case by case basis, it is not within the Funds remit to award assistance towards private medical, legal and business related expenses. Additionally the Fund cannot help with debts to family members or friends.

More information on the fund and eligibility can be found on the website

How to apply?

You can apply by:

Meetings are held five times a year to consider applications.

Contact details

The Nuclear Industry Benevolent Fund, Unit CU1
Warrington Business Park
Long Lane
Warrington, Cheshire

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