The Sidney Perry Foundation

Grants for first-degree students aged under 35 who are studying in the UK. Grants are based on academic year. The charity will not give grants for the first year of your first degree. Please read the exclusions section carefully before applying.

Grants are meant to be supplementary and the majority funding required should have been obtained from other sources.

Last updated on 16 July 2019

Who is eligible?

First degree students who are studying in the UK and are going into their second year or subsequent year. You will need to prove that you have applied elsewhere for support.

We are unable to help with:

  • First year students
  • Medical students in their first year if medicine is their second degree. Medical students during elective periods and intercalated courses
  • Second degree/postgraduate courses where the grade in the first is lower than 2:1 (except in exceptional circumstances), second degree/postgraduate courses that are not related to the first degree unless they are part of professional training
  • Expeditions overseas, emergency funding or clearance of existing debts
  • Grants to clear debt
  • “A” levels, GSCEs and Foundation degrees
  • Students on Access, ESOL, HNC, HND, BTEC, SVQ and NVQ levels 1-4 (except in exceptional circumstances)
  • Students who wish to study outside the UK.

How to apply?

See the Sidney Perry Foundation website for more information on grants and how to apply:

Please enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope with any letters or applications.

Grants are given for the academic year. Students who apply for a grant for their second year of study should receive it by January of their second year.

Up to date, official, original, signed and dated academic references must accompany your application.

There is always a queue of applications under review by the Governors. Only one in 20 applications receives an award.

Students will be notified by post regarding the Governors' decision and no further correspondence can be undertaken regarding unsuccessful applications.

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