The Terrence Higgins Trust

The Terrence Higgins Trust (THT) is the national charity for people in the UK with HIV/AIDS. It has a hardship fund for people living with these conditions, who face difficulty or extra expenditure because of their HIV status.

This fund helps with:

  • Ordinary living expenses- food, clothing, travel
  • A review/ reduction/ suspension of benefits due to changes in the welfare system
  • A period of ill health
  • Moving into a new home for the first time
  • Losing a job
  • Entering older age – retiring, moving into a different form of accommodation
  • Starting to claim a pension
  • Change in accommodation
  • Contribution towards white goods such as fridges, freezers or washing machines

Unfortunately The Terrence Higgins Trust can't help with the following:

  • Council fines, overpayment of Housing Benefit or Council Tax Benefit, court fees or immigration fees
  • Travel or accommodation of any kind outside of the UK
  • Respite care or holiday costs
  • Funeral costs
  • Credit card or loans repayments
  • Prospective payments, e.g. rent deposit
  • Any item for an individual without an HIV diagnosis
  • Debt repayments/utility bills
  • Gifts, e.g. birthday or Christmas presents
  • Rent arrears or Council Tax arrears
  • Items which are deemed to be a statutory responsibility, e.g. glasses, dental work or urgent mobility equipment
  • Support which can be obtained through statutory support
  • Professional training or education.

Also please bear in mind that, The Hardship Fund reserves the right to reject an application even if the request is not stated above.

Last updated on 9 May 2019

Who is eligible?

People living with HIV/AIDS in the UK aged 18 and over, who face extra difficulty or extra expenditure because of their HIV status.

The Hardship Fund is mean-tested and applicants need to demonstrate eligibility. Please see the description field for details of what the Terrence Higgins Trust can and can't fund.

How to apply?

Individuals should not apply directly, but a referral agent should apply on their behalf. To find out your local referral agent, please call THT Direct for free on 0808 802 1221. 

Please note that the Hardship Fund is means-tested and applicants will need to provide proof that they are eligible. Applications are considered all year round.

Other information

The Terrence Higgins Trust also provides non-financial support, such as:

  • Helpline
  • Counselling
  • One-to-One and Group Support
  • Over 50’s support
  • Information advocacy
  • Information on welfare rights
  • Information on disclosure of status 
  • Employment Service
  • Outreach
  • Testing for HIV and STI’s

Visit the website for more information:

Contact details

The Terrence Higgins Trust
314-320 Grays Inn Road

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