The Walker Trust

One-off grants of up to £500 for students who have lived in Shropshire for the last 12 months and are taking educational courses inside or outside of Shropshire.

Last updated on 11 March 2018

Who is eligible?

People who have lived in Shropshire for the past 12 months. Preference is given to people who are leaving care, estranged from their families, single parents and those on low incomes or state benefits.

The charity usually gives grants to students in further education studying music, drama and the arts where student costs are high.

Please note: The charity will not usually support students in higher education, unless they are studying medicine or veterinary medicine as a second degree. 

How to apply?

Contact the charity for an application form. The charity meets four times a year to consider applications.

Contact details

2 Breidden Way
Bayston Hill

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