Yolanda Moore Foundation

The Yolanda Moore Foundation supports ambitious, disadvantaged young people, aged 15-24, living in London, Dorset or Hampshire, with funding, mentoring and practical help.

Inspired by the life and passions of Yolanda Moore, we seek to carry on her ambition to inspire young people to pursue their passions/ambitions (vocational or educational).  We particularly seek to help disadvantaged ambitious young people who do not have the opportunities and support that Yolanda did. Whether needing help to pursue a course, begin an internship, get a flight to your next sports tournament or get a new suit for an interview, we’re here to help.

We also seek to help young people who are passionate about helping others and making the world a better place. We provide support for them to travel and pursue voluntary experiences. 

Our maximum grant per individual per year is £1000.

We provide three main kinds of funding:

  1. Vocational or Educational support – This refers to funding course fees, funding travel to a course, funding an Internship (including travel), funding for an apprenticeship, funding for course materials such as books or equipment, funding for vocational materials such as books, tools or equipment. 

  2. Funding to support others – This refers to funding travel to aid a voluntary/charitable experience, funding your maintenance whilst completing a voluntary/charitable experience, general funding related to your work voluntary or otherwise supporting others.

  3. Funding for personal support or development – This refers to funding for sporting activities, musical pursuits, including travel or equipment, funding to support yourself personally including maintenance bills, rent, personal items such as laptops or phones, clothes etc.

While the main part of our help is financial support, we also provide mentoring, advice and networking opportunities with friends of our charity.

Last updated on 16 June 2020

Who is eligible?

  • Young people aged 15 – 24

  • Live in London, Dorset, Hampshire

  • Facing financial or practical difficulties pursuing your ambitions (vocational or educational)

  • Facing financial or practical difficulties supporting others through charitable work or volunteering

  • Hoping to seek funding or practical support for the above within one calendar year of your application (e.g. wish to gain funding for a course beginning in the same year or to help you pay rent within the same year whilst you complete an internship).

We only cover costs as relevant to personal development, at the discretion of the application board. 

How to apply?

Applications can be made by the individual in need or a family member.

Grants are given directly to the individual.

What we need from you

  • A completed Application Form

  • A  reference letter/email from a current tutor, employer or course administrator

  • A completed Equal Opportunities form

  • Supplementary evidence (we only ask for this in some cases once you have submitted your application)

  • An Impact Statement (how our funding helped you!)

Application and Equal Opportunities forms are available on the Yolanda Moore Foundation website. Once you have completed the above, please return the application form and equal opportunities form to: Apply@TYMF.co.uk  There are application guidelines on the website. If you have any questions, please get in touch, we're always happy to help.

Application process

Applications are looked at as soon as they are received. They take 4-8 weeks to process. The charity replies to all applicants, whether or not it can help.

Other information

Please note: the maximum grant available per individual per year is £1000. 

We recommend that you clearly outline exactly what the money is for (be specific - £x for a laptop, £x for a new suit, £x for rental costs for a volunteering project).

We are more likely to consider your application if you highlight why this funding will benefit your future and how it will enable you to help others.

Contact details

The Yolanda Moore Foundation
19 DeRedvers Road, Lower Parkstone
BH14 8TS
Email: enquiries@tymf.co.uk
Web: http://www.tymf.co.uk/

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