Most charitable funds will generally only consider a request for help with driving lessons or car costs if you have an essential need and are on a low income – for instance, if you have an illness/disability that makes it hard for you to get around without a car or you are caring for someone and you need to be the family driver. Some charities may occasionally also help if you need this type of help because you live in a rural area and need to drive to get to work.

Searching for grants
Our Grants Search does not tag charitable fund schemes by terms such as “driving lessons” or “driving”.

To find charitable funds that may be able to help you, you need to search on all aspects of your circumstances that may be relevant – e.g. occupation (remember to think about the industries you have worked in as well as the jobs you have had), health conditions, nationality – using the filters of the Grants Search.

Once you have a list of charitable funds based on your search, check the profiles for information on who they help and what they help with. 

Some charities give grants according to individual need. If the profile doesn’t specifically state that the charity can't help with driving lessons and you believe the reason you need to learn to drive is based on essential needs, it may be worth contacting any charities that match your circumstances and background to ask if they can help.

Last updated on 5 January 2021

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