Many people use the Turn2us Grants Search to look for financial help because they are:

  • Expecting a baby

  • Have recently had a baby

  • Bringing up a child.

Help may be available to you through charitable grants if you are on a low income and meet the charity's qualifying rules (eligibility criteria) for help.

Our Grants Search doesn't tag charitable funds by words such as 'baby', 'child', 'children', 'pregnant'. To find charitable funds that may be able to help you, you need to search on all aspects of your circumstances (and that of your partner if you have one) that may be relevant – e.g. occupation (remember to think about the industries you have worked in as well as the jobs you have had), health conditions, nationality etc.

Some charities help families that include a child with disabilities. You can find some of these by doing a search based on your child's age and including relevant categories from the health filter.

Turn2us information sections

If you are expecting or bringing up a child, see:

If you have a child aged 16+ who is studying or intending to study, see:

If you are a carer of a child, see:


If you are on a low income or in financial hardship, help might be available to you from a charitable grant using the Turn2us Grants Search.

It's worth doing a search for yourself, your partner or the child/adult you're caring for - you may get different results for each search.

Last updated on 11 November 2019