INFORMATION TIP - School Age Education Costs

If you are looking for help with school age education costs, such as school uniform, books and education trips, help may be available to you from some charitable funds, if you meet the qualifying rules (eligibility criteria) for their help.

Our Grants Search does not tag charitable fund schemes by words such as "school uniform" or "school books".

To find charitable funds that may be able to help you, you need to search on all aspects of your circumstances (and those of the child/children you are looking for help for) that may be relevant – e.g. occupation (remember to think about the industries you have worked in as well as the jobs you have had), health conditions, nationality. You can also use the Student/Apprentice category in the Occupation filter.

It is worth doing a search on your details and those of the child that you are looking for help for.

Some charities give grants according to individual need. Unless the profile states that the charity does not give grants for school uniforms or other education costs, it may be worth contacting any charities that match your circumstances and background to ask if they can help.

Local Councils

You may be able to get help with essential school costs through your local council.

School funds

Some schools have funds to help students from families on low incomes or have a second hand school uniform scheme.

Turn2us information (people who live in the UK)

Republic of Ireland residents

If you live in the Republic of Ireland, see the Citizens Ireland information: Financial help with going to school

Last updated on 11 February 2020