Many single parents use the Turn2us website to find financial help for themselves and their children.

Although we don't have any information specifically for single parents, help may be available to you from grants and benefits, depending on your situation.


Help may be available to you through charitable grants if you are on a low income and meet the charity's qualifying rules (eligibility criteria) for support.

Our Grants Search doesn't tag charitable funds by words such as 'single parent', 'lone parent', 'single mothers' 'disabled single mum' or 'widowed dad'. To find charitable funds that may be able to help you, you need to search on all aspects of your circumstances that may be relevant – e.g. occupation (remember to think about the industries you have worked in as well as the jobs you have had), health conditions, nationality etc.

Some charities help families that include a child with disabilities. You can find some of these by doing a search based on your child's age and including relevant categories from the health filter.

If you have experienced domestic abuse/violence, see our Information tip: Domestic Violence/Abuse

Benefits (UK only)

For information about what statutory help may be available through benefits depending on the age of your child (children), see the following Turn2us Your Situation information sections:

If you are a single parent because your partner has died:

If you are a disabled single parent or have a child that has disabilities, see:

Further information and support

For general support, contact the following single parent organisations:

England and Wales

Northern Ireland


Republic of Ireland

Last updated on 13 February 2020